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3 Mistakes You're Making When It Comes To Living Life In Seasons

The crowd will always be in the wrong season trying to make it look right.

Nobody wants to lose.

Nobody wants to hurt and suffer.

Nobody wants to wake up every day and put in raw work and effort.

But that's exactly why somebody needs to.

The world we live in is a perfectly balanced one.

And the more we remember the idea of balance, the more value we will get out of life.

What we all really want is to win.

We all really want to feel joy and excitement.

And we all really want to wake up every day and experience pure pleasure.

That's wishful thinking.

We must work for our rewards.

And we will go through pain to reach our pleasures.

The key to our success is learning to live life in the season we're meant to be.

But what does that mean, Tim?

A season is taking something we may experience every once in a while, and making it a recurring theme.

When it rains one day, we say it was just a rainy day.

But when it rains pretty much every other day for five weeks straight, we call it rainy season.

The same applies to our lives.

Instead of saying I'm going to work hard today.

And then twenty four hours later you want to relax, have fun, go out with the boys...

Embrace your season.

It's work hard season.

That means every day or should I say more days than not, you will work hard.

And the decisions you make are all with the single goal of working hard.

This makes your life more efficient and more successful in the long run.

Rather than fighting what will be, you work with it.

If you're going to school for six months to get a certificate or new degree, stop trying to travel the world and party every weekend at the same time.

So what you missed out on "Kaylie's Weekend Bash".

There will be more weekends and there will be more bashes.

It's time for you to put in the work for the rewards you want to reap later down the road.

The farmer doesn't get to reap the fruits while he sows the seed.

There is a season to plant.

And there is a season to pick, and enjoy.

The number one mistake people make is trying to do everything all at once.

And that only holds you back and makes you more miserable in the long run.

It's better to make the sacrifice in your winter season, and reap your rewards in your summer season. Not all at once.

The second biggest mistake we're making is not knowing what season we're currently in.

And the easiest way to know that is to look around.

What does your average day look like?

If you have to get up and go to work or attend a class, then you're probably in work, hustle, build season.

What does your to-do list look like?

Are there tasks to go shopping, hang with friends, or get your nails done? Because then you're obviously in chill and relax season.

And the last and most important question is what is everyone else doing?

If all your friends are bragging about the fun vacay they're enjoying, it's a good idea to do the opposite.

The crowd will always be in the wrong season trying to make it look right.

The very last mistake people make with the seasons of their lives is really just the time and length.

Again, we all want to have fun and relax.

But that doesn't mean that fun season should be ten months, while work season should be two.

Your seasons should be equal.

Just like the seasons of weather.

If you're putting more time in to one season, you're neglecting the other.

And there's a season for everything.

Don't neglect the season for self care, exploration, learning, family, love and so on.

We need all the seasons for a well balanced life.

But you have to be willing to make space for the seasons you hate.

Winter is just as special as summer.

Spring is just as necessary as fall.

You have what it takes to create your dream life.

But you have to be willing to hibernate and hunt alik...

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