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Why The Anti-Zero Principle Is The New Key To Fast Financial Success

With this principle the new rich are creating unbelievable amounts of financial success in record time.

The money game is a very hush-hush community.

The people who are making lots of money are rarely ever speaking about it.

And when the rich do share their secrets to financial success, they require one thing first.


And such is the plot to the story of how the rich get richer.

They accumulate their money slow and methodically, all the while making sure to keep everyone at a disadvantage.

But in the 21st century something very different started happening.

Someone, somewhere broke the rules.

And now there are young, inexperienced millionaires popping up every two seconds.

The news is full of stories about teens making millions or some employee quitting and starting a billion dollar company.

The new rich are creating unbelievable amounts of financial success in record time.

And they're doing it all without following the old rules of wealthy.

Instead, today's rich have created their own rule that fuels 98% of their growth.

Here's why the Anti-Zero Principle is the new key to fast financial success.

The old ways of doing things were smart.

You had to accumulate a lot of money slowly over time.

That usually meant you had to get passed down the keys to daddy's business empire.

Or even luckier, you married into a rich family and inherited lots of financial interest.

And even worse for the extremely bold, you had to wine, dine, and schmooze your way into getting a big deal or contract. (But I'm sure you'd have to sacrifice your first born child along the way.)

Once you got your hands on the goods, the real game began.

You had to do everything in your power to keep as much of that money as possible.

This means really safe investments.

This means saving and trust funds.

This means super fancy corporate structuring and tax strategy.

You would eliminate as many hands from the pot and work to keep your nest egg safe.

And that's it.

The old rule was all about working towards zero.

However much percentage of your money was allocated to business partners, uncle sam, or debts...your job was to make it zero.

And that's exactly where the new rich changed the game.

The new rule was all about working away from zero.

The Anti-Zero Principle.

Instead of focusing on all the ways to save the pot of money you have, you focus on generating money that you don't have.

The new rich decided to play more boldly and with a winners mindset.

Not with fear and a losing one.

And the math makes more sense.

If you have $100,000 dollars to your name, and you focus on getting really good at saving...the most you can ever save is $100,000 dollars.

If you put that same energy into duplicating whatever you did to make that first hundred thousand, then you could double it into two hundred thousand.

And the next year it can double to $400,000 and even $800,000.

The Anti-Zero Principle is all about learning to work on the side of the coin that has more value.

In every project you do, there is the zero side, and the infinite side.

You should always be working on the infinite side.

Never put all your energy and effort into the zero side, because there is a finite limit to the success you can have.

The new rich have learned that the amount of effort you put in, isn't nearly as important as WHERE (and what side) you're putting that effort.

As a true dreamer, we want big, life-changing results, not small incremental ones.

And the fastest, most exceptional results always happen when you work away from zero, not towards it.

Be sure to analyze every project, job, or investment you make for the direction you're working toward.

If you're trying to lower your losses, your dream number is 0 losses.

You're working to 0.

If you're trying to increase your gains, your dream number is infinity.

You're working away from 0.

The Anti-Zero Principle states that your time, energy, and effort will be exponentially more valuable when you work away from 0, not towards it.

Use that logic and you'll change the saying from the rich get richer to the smart get riche...

In progress,


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