How to Attract More Pay In Your Current Job

If you get into the mind of your employer, you'll be 10 steps ahead of your peers.

The best careers in life, are the ones that get more lucrative over time.

Many students go to college and choose degrees strictly based on the best paying jobs they can find.

We’ve all spent hours on Google, searching and imagining what it would be like to secure an outrageously high paying job like “anesthesiologist”.

But over time many of choose to settle for more realistic dreams.

We wisely realize that it isn’t worth being miserable in a well paid job.

And rather, if we dedicate ourselves to a job that we love, we can slowly nurture a high paying career out of it.

The problem is, many of us confuse slowly nurturing with never growing.

We all too often settle.

And we end up never getting what we’re worth, or ever asking for it.

Or even worse, we ask and get denied the pay we know will bring us stability and peace of mind.

See somewhere along the way, we were taught that we were owed more money and we just have to get up and ask for it.

But as a business owner that has played the other side, I’ll tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is, we’re not entitled to a single dollar and it takes more than just asking to unlock new levels of income.

Here’s exactly how to attract more pay in your current job.

Let’s think about how we pay for things in our everyday life before we look at our careers.

When you go to the store and you pick up a plain white t-shirt, there’s a few things you expect from that product.

As it pertains to your life…

You expect it cover your chest and back.

You expect it to be wearable hundreds, if not thousands of times.

You expect it to shelter you from rain, dirt, and cold.

The white t-shirt can deliver all those things, so you’ll buy it.

But what if I told you that white t-shirt was $1099 dollars, instead of $10.99.

Chances are you’d walk away with confidence.

The shirt would no longer be worth it to you.

Not because it’s a bad shirt, but because the benefits it provides aren’t worth it.

That’s the first insight we should have when it comes to how we navigate our careers.

Before we ever ask someone to pay us money, we should ask, “What benefits do I provide them and what is that realistically worth?”

If you get into the mind of your employer, manager, or owner, you’ll be 10 steps ahead of your peers.

But that’s just a start. We want to know how to confidently attract more pay now.

So let’s go deeper.

One thousand dollars for a shirt is absurd but let’s be honest…some people pay that.

We all see the commercials, pictures, or videos of some person wearing a Gucci or Balenciaga shirt that cost upwards of a grand.

And for whatever reason, more people keep doing it.

Why on Earth are people buying a white shirt for that much money?

Let’s break it down.

Aside from all the previous things, a white shirt from Gucci will provide the following benefits…

It will allow me to express my personality.

It will make me look cool because it’s a prestigious cool brand.

It will have nicer quality details and finishes meaning it will last longer.

These are all benefits the Gucci shirt can provide and they are all benefits that can apply to your career.

An employer would certainly pay more for an employee that fits the culture or personality of a team.

An employer would certainly pay more for an employee with an amazing personal brand or that seems more presitigious.

And most importantly, an employer would gladly pay more for an employee that pays more attention to detail.

You can do all of these things.

But the most important one to learn is paying more attention to detail.

The reason we pay 10x more for a business class flight than an economy one on the same plane is simple…The details.

The stewardess will be more thoughtful.

The business lounge will have food and drinks I need.

The space in my seat will be more comfortable.

I’m paying for someone to take the time to think about the details.

If you think about details in your job, you will get paid more…guaranteed.

You can’t do the minimum and expect to get paid the maximum.

Look at yourself as the luxury option.

Don’t just answer the phone calls.

Answer the phone calls on time with the best attitude.

Make an effort to pay attention to the details your coworkers ignore, and you will be paid like your coworkers wish to b…

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