Why Being A Boring Tight Ass Is Killing Your Success

Your overly serious monotonous attitude is holding you back from tons of success.

There's nothing sexy about work.

There's nothing sexy about making money.

There's nothing sexy about being disciplined and showing up every day.

That's how 99% of people view the world of self growth, finance, and success.

And I used to have the same exact mindset.

But somewhere along the way, I realized that there are people having fun with their success.

There are people having fun while being disciplined.

There are people that genuinely enjoy their work.

And that made me realize that everyone who tries to brute force their way to success is taking the hard path.

And I don't just mean the hard path takes 10% longer than normal.

I mean the hard path that is a miserable experience every second of the way.

If you approach your goals with an overly serious monotonous attitude you're holding yourself back from tons of success.

Here's why...

When you boil any goal down to it's core, there are a few things that will stand true.

There will be work that has to be done.

Those are the actions that need to be done to create the result you want.

Sadly, we can't just think and make things magically appear in this world.

Maybe in another lifetime.

And then there is the time that it will take to go from where you are to where you want to be.

Those two things are primarily the only things holding you back from being super fit, super rich, or super happy.

All the other strategizing, teaming up, and visualizing are just to make things happen quicker or easier.

But it's not really necessary.

For me trying to get six pack abs, there's a total of say 10,000 sit ups I have to do to build the muscles I want to see.

And calculating in time for me to sleep, eat, and live life, it'll take about a year to complete these sit ups.

If I start my journey to reach this goal and you start your journey to reach the same goal, there's one big factor that can determine who gets there faster.


If I'm having fun doing my sit ups by listening to music, talking to friends, or even making fun tiktoks each day, I'm going to actually enjoy the process.

If you show up each day, do your sit ups in silence, get super upset when you slightly mess up your form, and get negative whenever it takes a little longer than normal, you will hate the process.

And at some point you may choose not to show up.

At some point you may choose to change your entire goal, to just lost 5 pounds.

At some point you may become a hater of all things fitness because it's making everything in your life miserable.

That's not good for you and the goal you're trying to accomplish.

When you add fun into your tasks, you give yourself a special edge that others don't have.

You love doing what you do, so you do it all the time.

You enjoy seeing little progress or even none at all, but you still show up anyway.

You stick with your goal longer and get more passionate as time goes on.

So the question is, how many of your goals are you not reaching because you just hate the process of working on them?

How many of your goals could be much more enjoyable just by adding some music, friends, or fun challenges into the process.

Being a boring tight ass, makes the journey painful and the destination soulless.

Add fun into your journey and your goals will become an experience you look forward t...

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