How To Use Calculated Risks To Explode Your Success

If you do everything the average person does, you'll get average results.

Life is one long game of decisions.

We're all in this game trying to get as many points as possible.

And points are different for different people.

Some of us want happiness points, and others want dollar points.

But no matter who we are, we're all looking to rack up our points.

Me personally, I think time points are the best.

The hard part is trying to figure out how we're going to stack up more points than everyone else.

We all know the normal way of life and what it gets us.

If you do everything the average person does, you'll get average results.

And for some people that's perfectly okay.

But if you're a true WIP, you're looking for exponential results.

And the truth is, there's only one way to get explosive results in this game of life.

It's called risk.

If you want big rewards you have to take some amount of risk.

The easy and predictable paths will only lead to average and predictable results.

You have to take risks in life to skip to the next levels of success.

And the problem many of us have isn't that we're afraid to take risks, it's that we don't know which risks to take.

You may win when you take risks, but you're bound to lose at some point.

So if you want to be a big winner, you have to choose which risks are worth taking and which risks are a fool's game.

That's why many successful people spend a lot of time and energy learning to master calculated risks.

If you can do basic math, you can always calculate which risks are worth the gamble.

The way you do this is different for everybody but I'll share with you my secret.

I start with laying out my goals.

What is important to me?

What do I really want to accomplish in life?

What would I truly regret if I didn't experience it before I died?

For me some of those answers are having a million dollars cash to my name, starting a business that impacts the world for the better, and helping others unlock their true potential.

All of these things are my non-negotiables.

They are things that with the one life that I have, I must accomplish or experience.

No risk is worth losing the opportunity for those things.

But everything else is fair game.

So when there's a risk I can take, I start with a simple question.

Will this risk stop me from any of my non-negotiables?

If the answer is no, then I look into it further.

Now I want to know what is the risk to begin with.

Is it a risk of going to jail?

Is it a risk of losing my money?

Is it risk of losing my health or life?

That's a definite red flag.

But let's for this sake it's a risk of going to jail.

I won't to quantify how risky the downside is.

How long would I go to jail?

How likely am I to go to jail?

Let's say there's a fifty percent chance I go to jail for doing this thing but I'd only go for 6 months.

I mean that's still a long time.

I need to put it on a scale.

On a scale of 1-10, a fifty percent chance of going to jail for 6 months is a level 6 risk downside to me.

And now the fun part.

What's the upside?

I'll have fun all night because I snuck into this party even though I'm underage.

Okay how long will I feel this fun?

It's only for the night.

How likely is it that I'll enjoy or get this positive experience?

There's a chance I end up hating the party.

Okay let's put that on a scale.

And because that party sounds lame, I'll definitely say the upside is a level 3 out of 10.

Then it's simple math.

6 is bigger than 10.

I shouldn't take that risk.

That's the framework.

It sounds silly and like a lot of non-sense but when you're in the heat of the moment it's easy to make really dumb decisions.

As humans we're often using emotions and feelings to decide how we behave.

But when it comes to risks you always want to put in numbers.

Even if you're math is slightly off, it's harder to make dumb decisions when the risk to reward ratios just aren't adding up.

So go out there and be bold, and take risks...just make sure they're calculated ri...

In progress,


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