Where to Find the Last Few Billion Dollar Ideas

Why do so many of us struggle to find our billion dollar idea?

Where to Find the Last Few Billion Dollar Ideas

The ideas we choose to work on is one of the most important decisions we make as entrepreneurs. But many of us struggle to find our billion dollar idea. We often don't even choose ideas based on their potential, but rather how “easy” it is. The billion dollar ideas are out there, we just need to know where to look.

Here’s where to find the last few billion dollar ideas:

😠 In Customer Support Forums

Customer support forums are a gold mine for billion dollar ideas. One reason is because people in customer support forums are people that have already PAID for a product. Secondly, these people are actively complaining about the problems they have with X product or service. If you can create a similar or better product, that also solves XYZ problems, all those people will happily give you their money.

📖 Throughout History

The trends and events of the past are absolutely indicators of our future. If you look to the past, you can find the ideas and patterns that have broken the billion dollar threshold years before you. Or even better, billion dollar ideas and industries that haven’t changed for decades. Change doesn’t happen in straight lines. Change happens in circles. If we look to history and ask ourselves, “What’s the next evolution for this industry?” we can find not one, but many billion dollar ideas.

📈 Within Million Dollar Businesses

A $100,000-a-year business is just a few decisions away from becoming a million-dollar-a-year business. And the same goes for that million dollar business. Every billion dollar idea is a tweak, of million dollar ideas. It could be simply spending more in marketing, starting a referral program, or even just adding product bundles. Any business you see that is spending millions of dollars in marketing, they’re doing something right. You just need to do it right-ER.

Ultimately billion dollar ideas, like any idea, can come from anywhere. And billion dollar success comes down to how well you understand the problem you’re solving. But the milestones you pass on your entrepreneurial journey will always be a factor of the ideas you pursue. And that journey will always start with where you look for ideas.

As WIPs, lets strive to work on the best ideas and transform not only our lives but potentially the whole world…

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