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How One Secret Fitness Technique Can Unlock Success In Any Area

Fitness enthusiasts use this technique everyday, but have no idea the power it holds.

When you think about success, you often see a long, hard path ahead.

Everyone knows it takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to reach the top levels of success in life.

If you want to be an NBA basketball player, it takes decades of dedication, drills, and playing for free.

Not to mention you have to be born with the genetics of a super strong giraffe.

Then there is financial success, which we knows takes lots of financial education, investing, and honestly a lot working your ass off.

Every area of life takes an extreme amount of hard work and passion to even get close to reaching the top.

And the same goes for fitness.

But the fitness world has taken matters into their own hands to break this mold.

The fitness world has explored many studies, experiments, and even crazy drugs to reach their goals faster and easier.

And while, I can’t stand by all the methods fitness freaks use to develop badass bodies, there is one technique that is powerful beyond belief.

Serious fitness enthusiasts around the world use this technique every day, but have no idea of the power it holds in other areas of life.

But you will.

I’m going to share how one secret fitness technique can unlock success in any area.

First things first, fitness and body building comes down to one simple idea…

Total Work Load.

Your weight x sets x reps per set = your total work load.

So if I wanted to get big strong biceps, a personal trainer or random fitness influencer would say, “Increase that total work load on your biceps!”

Which means, if I normally do bicep curls lifting 10 pounds for 1 set and 10 repetitions (10 × 1 × 10 = 100 total work load), I need to lift heavier weights, do more reps or more sets.

So I would go to the gym and do 20 pound bicep curls which would hopefully double my total work load.

And that would surely work.

I would eventually get a little bigger, and a little stronger.

But some genius came around and realized that those 20 pound reps are going to be sloppy and not good form if I’m too weak to lift them.

So bigger weights, and bigger numbers don’t always mean better.

And after lots of research, studying, and experimenting, this genius came up with a better technique.

It’s called Time Under Tension.

Instead of counting how many reps, and how heavy they are (which often leads to injuries), we’ll measure how long that muscle is under tension.

And it worked wonders.

Turns out the best way to build your muscles is to measure how long they are working for not how much they are working.

Of course, total work load is still important.

But for the best results, you need to have those muscles tense (or working) for longer periods of time.

So that means reps lifting slowly up and slowly down, or longer gym sessions with more reps to a specific muscle, or the best showing up to the gym more frequently.

The more time that muscle is under tension, the more growth it will experience.

And that’s when it hit me.

The brain is a muscle in it’s own way too.

It can shrink and grow, expand and constrict.

The more time under tension the brain has, the more it will grow.

And tension for the brain isn’t lifting weights, it’s thought and focus.

So time under tension, could apply to success in any area of life.

The more time you think about a subject or goal, the more growth you will experience.

The better results you will have in that area.

The difference between you and an NBA player isn’t they’re just so naturally talented.

It’s that they spend more time focused on basketball.

They get up and read basketball news, they go to basketball practice, they come home and play basketball video games like NBA2k, then they go and play a pickup game of basketball at their local court.

They’re brain and body is spending so much more time under tension related to basketball than you and I.

They will excel in basketball.

And I believe this theory because it’s highly likely that 57 year old Steve Kerr (Steph Curry’s coach) would beat you in a game of basketball just as bad as Steph himself.

He’s just put more thought into the game.

This unlocks a whole new way to approach any area of life.

If you want to be rich, you need to have lots of Time Under Tension related to finances.

If you want to be attractive, you better have more Time Under Tension related to fashion, makeup, and fitness than all the other girls.

If you want to be the world’s best chef, you must put in a world class amount of Time Under Tension for cooking.

Any thing you can imagine can be achieved when you put your mind to it…

for long amounts of time.

What will you accomplish with this shockingly simple technique?

How will your world be different now that the barrier to success isn’t hard work, but rather Time Under Tension?

Only time will tel…

In progress,


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