How High Achievers Set Goals That Lead To Outsized Success

The problem isn't the goals we set, it's how we set our goals.

Goals are the dangling carrots on the treadmill of life.

Life is going to be repetitive, boring, and predictable.

And some people are perfectly okay with that.

But most people need more than that.

Most people want to work towards something.

And for us WIPs, we're lost without something to progress towards.

And that's exactly why humans have created goals and milestones.

We think up big giant dreams and imagine what life would be like if we accomplish them.

The problem is that many of us never reach those big goals.

We aim to be a millionaire by 21 years old, and never save a thousand bucks to our name.

And in the end we feel depressed and discouraged from dreaming big.

But the problem isn't the goals we set, it's how we set our goals.

High achievers get up everday and accomplish the goals we dream of reaching.

If we learn how high achievers set goals that lead to outsized success, we can accomplish the same.

The average person is either a big dreamer or a complacent complainer.

We either hate everything about our lives and do nothing about it.

Or we dream really big but don't know how to reach the goals we set.

The difference with most high achievers is that they aren't setting wild goals.

If you've experienced any kind of success in life, you know that all big successes happen in small phases.

High achievers know this.

And they use it to their advantage.

The best way to set our goals is in steps.

Instead of setting a giant goal of making 2 million dollars this year, start with a goal of making $10,000 in a month.

Once you accomplish that first goal, you set a goal that's one step higher.

"I want to make $20,000 a month."

It seems simple but you'd be surprised how many people dream of going from zero to being an A-list actor or NBA player.

It's not impossible, it's just impractical.

Every person you see that reached great heights, took hundreds of small steps to get there.

So when we set our goals we need to plan for those steps.

The path to success isn't a rocket ship, it's a flight of stairs.

And it helps us accomplish more when we set goals that are actually achievable.

If I asked you how to make $1 million dollars this month, you'd have no idea where to start.

But if I asked you to make $100 dollars this month, you'd probably have an actual gameplan to reach that goal.

The more milestones you pass, the further you go.

Stop looking for slingshot success, and set goals that grow over time.

All the top high achievers set their goals in phases.

Everyone else is just an undercover gambler.

So ask yourself, what goal do I need to break into smaller steps to reach my grand vision...

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