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How To Make The Right Decisions Like The Best Leaders...Even Though They Don't

Any time you're leading others be sure to use these tactics to be the best leader.

The idea of being a leader is something that fascinates many of us.

Leaders are usually known for being super successful in everything they do.

And that may not always be the case.

But that's how our brains perceive a true leader.

"If you're able to convince many people to follow your lead, you must be really good at something."

And that's why many of us want to be leaders in our own rights.

We may not want to lead everyone in every situation.

But in the communities we're passionate in, with the people we admire, being a leader is a true accomplishment.

The thing is leaders are usually so well put together. (Or at least the good ones are)

They seem to be really good with managing and inspiring their people.

They're always calm and level headed in times of stress.

They're super smart at analyzing all the information and data they receive.

And the number one trait all great leaders have is they always make the right decisions.

That's why being a leader is so special and not just anyone can do it.

Well what if I told you that, anyone could be a leader.

And more importantly that 99% of great leaders actually suck at making the right decisions.

Here's the secret to how the best leaders make the "right" call, even though they don't.

First and foremost, when it comes to making decisions there's one factor that will either make you or break you...

Your confidence.

This seems pretty easy to see but for some reason many people still suck at this.

You can't lead people into any decision without the conviction that it's the best decision.

So it's always important to show little to no fear in your decision-making.

If you hesitate, even slightly, all your followers will begin to doubt you.

And before you know it, you don't have a community, company, or movement...

You have an uprising.

The next key to making decisions that always seem right is simple.

As the leader you don't make the right decision every time.

You make the decisions you make SEEM right every time.

And to do that you need to master a little concept called "Multiple Outs".

Multiple outs is a tactic many magicians and strategists use when making big, risky decisions.

Instead of focusing on a decision and the one major result that will come from it, you look at all the possible results.

You plan for every single option and make it as much of a win as possible.

This means you plan for the best case scenario and the worst case scenario.

I don't want to upset the magic community, so let's use an example from an every day Joe.

Let's say you go to the bar and you meet a really cute girl that vibes with you.

Most people would say, I'm going to ask her to go on a date with me this weekend and take that chance.

When they get shot down, that's it. Game over. They go home sad and discouraged.

A good leader, magician, or strategist will use multiple outs to make the most of their decisions.

They may ask for a date, but if that goes bad, ask for a dance, but if that goes bad, ask for her number.

Instead of one decision with one possible result, they turn that one decision into multiple opportunities to win.

That's how leaders make every decision look like the best decision.

And anyone can do this.

You just have to be confident and think through all your possible outs.

Any time you're leading others be sure to use these tactics to be the leader that your followers want to support.

That's how you become not the perfect leader, but rather the best on...

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