How To Find The Right People Fast

The first part of finding the right people fast is knowing who the right people are.


The people game is one of the hardest games to win in life.

The way people usually win is just with plain old luck.

Your dad is the coach of the basketball team.

You’re dating the head cheerleader everyone talks about.

Or you just happen to run the college radio station and self promote every chance you get.

That last one’s not a bad idea.

Too bad it’s too late for us.

We weren’t the popular kids in school, and now we’re not the popular kids in adult life.

And it’s worse because the only way to riches and success is through other people.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be naturally popular to be good at working with people.

In fact, the more strategic you are the better you’ll be at finding the right people to befriend instead of trying to please everyone and their mom.

If you can just put lots of energy into a few of the RIGHT people, you can reap the rewards of social success without the downsides of popularity.

So here’s how to find the right people fast.

Who’s the right person?

The first part of finding the right people fast is knowing who the right people are.

And right for you, is different than right for me.

Right for your career is different than right for your love life.

Right for you last week could be wrong for you today.

The common way to know who the right person is for you now is to look at the goals you have and define who can help you get there.

And that might be your right person.

But if you really want to take it up a notch, you shouldn’t look for the people that can help you get there but rather the people that have already reached where you want to be.

If I want to be a millionaire one day, then I should find someone who’s a millionaire now.

And that millionaire will be able to tell me who I really need to get to where they are.

That’s my real right person.

Either way, you have to find out who is the right person.

And define their persona in detail.

How To Find People Fast

The common strategy people use when trying to find someone fast is going around seeing if anyone has the thing you’re looking for.

Say I need a basketball.

Most people just go around asking everyone if they have a basketball.

Instead, you should think of the transaction.

Every human interaction is a transaction.

If you’re buying the basketball for money, you give money, they give a basketball.

If you’re doing free model’s photoshoot, they give a subject to shoot, you give a photograph.

Every time you interact with another human being, there is a transaction happening.

You’re either aware of it or oblivious.

And the people that are aware, end up making better transactions that leave both parties happy.

That sounds so sketch. I guess this post is R-rated now lol.

But seriously, the quickest way to find people is to advertise your side of the equation.

The value you have to give.

So for the basketball, I’d just put up a post saying I have $5 for a basketball.

This message will naturally go further than someone just asking strangers if they have a basketball.

How do we put this into practice?

In the real world, you would start by knowing who you want to find.

Just yesterday, I needed to find a trademark lawyer.

What I did was go to where lawyers might congregate.

In this case, LinkedIn was a good place that professionals frequent and share their job titles openly.

Imagine looking for a lawyer in Walmart, or Facebook, or the mall or something.

Location always matters when it comes to finding people fast.

I posted not in a lawyer group or anything like that.

But rather straight to my normal friends feed and said this…

It was short, sweet, and to the point.

I framed it as a challenge.

Almost to tempt others into trying to help me find a lawyer.

I was specific on the type of lawyer.

And I was clear on the value I had to give (becoming a new client) without saying money directly.

And guess what happened?

With less than 6 likes and a measly 200 impressions, a trademark/patent lawyer private messaged me.

That’s the power of being clear on your who, stating your transactional value directly, and getting others to spread your message.

That is how you find the right people fast.

Or should I say, have the right people find you fast…

In progress,


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