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This Year I Will Create A 7 Figure Net Worth, Here's Exactly How...

Copy my principles to grow your own net worth this year.

The ultimate measure of success in the business world comes down to one thing…

Net worth.

It’s silly to get involved in the “who has the biggest net worth” game.

But the more time you spend in business, personal finance, and self-growth, the more likely you’ll get dragged into the net worth game.

I’ll let you know now, it’s a complete waste of time.

The only thing you should be focused on in is your own net worth.

And even better, how you can double and triple it over time.

That’s what I decided to focus on this year.

I want to take my net worth from the measly thousands, into the verified millionaire status.

(Wouldn’t it be cool if every net worth millionaire got a real life ‘blue check mark’? That would be a cool Etsy side business.)

Anywho, here’s exactly how I will create a 7 figure net worth this year.

This isn’t about the detailed steps I’ll take in my business or side projects, but rather the principles and ideas that will fuel the growth.

So learn from me and copy my principles to grow your own net worth this year.

Principle 1: Don’t chase dollars, chase the audience.

The hardest part of making money has nothing to do with the product or service you sell.

There’s an infinite amount of products to sell, and with Ai tools like ChatGPT, it’s even easier to generate valid money making ideas.

The hardest part is determining who exactly to sell to and how you’ll reach them.

I’ve spent the last seven years trying to perfect this in my own business.

What I’ve determined is that, it’s always more valuable to spend time building and cultivating an audience over selling products.

So this year, I’m put all my eggs into the basket of audience generation.

If I build a solid audience of 1 million people, and sell 10% of them something as simple as a $10 e-book, that will be $1,000,000 of revenue. (1,000,000 x .10 x $10)

Principle 2: Create once, share infinitely.

The best part of the internet is how everything can infinitely copied and shared.

So many people forget that the internet is all digital, and all digital things can grow or shrink infinitely.

So when I make an email like the one you’re reading, it’s silly to send it once and throw it away after.

This exact email can add value today, tomorrow, a year from now and so on.

This exact email can add value as a blog post, tweets, an ebook, an audiobook, and more.

So why not get all that extra value out of my work?

This year I’m taking every piece of content I make and sharing it in as many different places as possible.

This email first goes to my loyal readers inboxes.

But after that you’ll see it as a Quora answer, a Medium blog post, on my website, as a Twitter thread and so on.

If I can get more value out of each piece of work, I can exponentially grow the worth of my work while not increasing the effort it takes.

Principle 3: Give first, take after.

The world is bombarded with people asking for more and giving less.

Every two seconds another ad is flashing in our face trying to get us to cough up more money, time, or effort.

At some point it becomes overwhelming.

And people get burnt out from skipping ads and denying some new flashy offer.

The best way to stand out and build loyal followings is to stop asking and start giving.

Sharing more value and insights is the best way to become a trusted source in people’s lives.

And rather than asking people to buy or subscribe every other day, make your asks few and far between.

They will hit with more impact and people will respond better.

Nobody wants to feel like they’re just a giant walking dollar sign.

If I give more value to more people, I will be able to ask with confidence and know my audience will respond well to my pitch.

The more I give, the more likely I can make bigger asks in the future.

Principle 4: Team work makes big dreams work.

The worst part of being an entrepreneur with lots of great ideas, is knowing you can’t do them all.

And the more ideas and hustles you start, the less time you’ll have to make any of them successful.

The best way to combat this, is not trying to do everything by ourselves.

We have to learn to give others ownership and responsibility in our projects.

It will lead to more projects, more success, and less stress.

So this year, I’ve decided that I will only start projects once I’ve assembled the dream team to run the project.

No more trying to learn how to code, how to market, and how to do sales.

I will specialize in my area and work with others who specialize in their area.

This will allow me to work on more big projects this year, with people that are skilled enough to build amazing things.

Less work on me, and more success for the team.

The people with millionaire net worth’s often own a little of lots of big projects, so I will aim to do the same.

These are my principles to create a 7-figure net worth this year.

They all have a part to play in my master plan.

This year I will build strong audiences, share my work everywhere, give more value, and work in teams.

That’s exactly how I will create a 7-figure net worth from nothing.

How will you reach your million dollar net worth this yea…

In progress,


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