How To Fall Off

Your fall off is guaranteed. Prepare for it.

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How To Fall Off

The goal of all WIPs (works in progress) is longevity. We want growth and success for as long as possible. But the world we live in must obey the law of entropy. That with zero effort, life continually loses order. It takes a lot of energy and effort to keep things in order. And while humanity has an immense amount of willpower, the universe will always pull us towards chaos. And that simply means, your growth will eventually turn into decay. But if you learn this one secret, you will find unlimited success in the decay, while others lose everything they love.

Here’s 3 essential lessons on how to fall off:

🤕 Everyone Falls Off

Once upon a time the number one active basketball player in the world was Michael Jordan. Now that player is Lebron, or Steph Curry, or whoever you’re into. But the point is, MJ fell off. His success and growth was unbelievable for it’s time. And then age, super teams, and the next generation of players happened. Whether you realize it or not, there’s no such thing as forever #1. Not in business, sports, or life in general. Your fall off is guaranteed. Prepare for it.

🚘️ Lane Switching

The key to falling off with grace, is to not fall off at all. You fall INTO something else. I recently fell off with an amazing streak of writing daily and posting WIP content. (sorry, guys I’m still here!) But what I fell into, was fitness and a little bit of coding. See although, I was doing “bad” in my personal brand area, I was still satisfied with my progress health and skill development. I had to lane switch. Growth and success is everywhere. If you’re slowing in career, switch into love, family, health, or friendships. And unless you’re some kind of deity, there’s always new areas to grow in.

⏱️ Always Go Idle

Many people fall off, and their journey comes to a complete stop. You’re the number one content creator in the world, then one day Youtube cuts ads, so you stop posting. Instantly you have no income. Errrgh, wrong. Never stop! Stopping means losing momentum. Stopping means no leverage to switch lanes. Stopping means rock bottom. Don’t stop. Go idle.

When you go idle, you extract value on the way down, AND you give yourself time to switch lanes. Don’t spend 7 years growing a business, then the one tough year, quit. That doesn’t give you time to see if things recover. And all the assets, skills, and connections disappear. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to be “failing”. It’s not okay to stop the show before the curtains officially close.

As WIPs we spend lots of energy strategizing our growth. But many of us sell our businesses, or quit our jobs too soon, just to avoid the downward ride. We want to quit on top. But I say, like stubborn Conor McGregor, you ride until right before the wheels fall off. Just always have something to fall into next. If you want to ride life all the way to the finish line, it’s important to switch lanes when you see traffic up ahead. Else, you may end up in the worst place possible… a complete stand still.

And remember, no matter how much you build in this life, we all must eventually accept the truth in Chinua Achebe’s message… Things Fall Apart…

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