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Why Your Life Success is Tied To The Numbers 4, 13, 16, and 183.

The better we get at mastering these numbers, the better our lives become on average.

If you've been on this Earth for more than seven years, I'm sure you know one thing...

Life is a numbers game.

Honestly, at the age of seven you probably still think life is a fun game.

And I can't say there isn't truth to that.

But for us WIPs and everyday people trying to outsmart the system to reach success and happiness... life is the ultimate numbers game.

We may not know how to turn the numbers in our favor.

Or we may not even like math or numbers altogether.

But we can all acknowledge, the better we get at mastering numbers the better our lives become on average.

So I've taken the time to analyze the numbers.

I've studied the greats and the up and comers alike.

And I've learned the secret to becoming who we really want to be in life.

I've learned the secret to reaching any goal we can dream of in our lifetime.

And just as you and me already thought, it's all about the numbers.

But it's not just any numbers.

The key to our life success is tied to these handful of numbers: 4, 13, 16, and 183.

I hate horoscopes and pseudoscience.

So I know hearing someone say the key to success is what sounds like four random numbers pulled out of their ass, is frustrating.

But I'm not going to leave you scratching your head about the importance of these numbers like a knock-off psychic would. (Wait aren't all psychics knock offs? Who knows)

Anyways, the value of these four numbers is prevalent in your life already, but to understand we have to look at our aspirations and the time we spend trying to achieve them.

If I was grossly obese and trying to lose weight, I may set a goal to reach 200 pounds on the scale.

That's my goal and the actions I'm going to take are going to the gym and doing cardio.

But let's say I go to the gym on and off for a year and still end up exactly where I started.

That's a failing goal and a lot of wasted time and energy.

That's 99% of the world right now with any goal you can think of.

Making $100,000 a year, traveling to four new countries, passing my nursing exam, or getting 100 subscribers on YouTube.

We're all failing in different ways.

And we're failing in different phases as well.

The reason we're failing is because we aren't respecting the numbers 4, 13, 16, and 183.

The tipping points.

If I want to get better at basketball in a week's time, I need to take advantage of the time I have at my disposal.

In this instance, it's 7 days.

To be a better a basketball player, I need to be playing basketball on average MORE than I'm not playing basketball.

And that would be exactly 4 days.

That's the tipping point of a week.

The same goes for a day.

If I want to be a better studier today, I need to study on average MORE than I'm not studying.

So I would need to study for at least 13 hours.

Of course, that's not calculating for sleep, but still a day's tipping point is 13 hours.

The reason this mental model works is because in life everything is in motion.

We are either growing or dying... nothing in between.

And with our goals the same holds true.

All of your goals are not single events that happen, but rather things you are trending to or from.

If you want to trend towards being fit this year, it's either you will spend 183 days(more than half the year) doing physical activities that will make you fit, or you'll spend more days laying on the couch like a slob.

Your results will show over time when those numbers average out.

So if you have a goal or something you want to get better at in a month's time, the only thing holding you back will be the number 16.

Will you take that action more than you don't take that action this month?

What about this week? Or today?

Will you trend toward the better you or will trend downwards?

That is the power of 4, 13, 16, and 183.

For every goal or new habit you set, be sure to include these numbers.

Because if you can't do that habit more than you DON'T do it, you'll forever miss the goals you se...

In progress,


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