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The One Reason You'll Never See Results From What You Learn

And once you learn this reason, you'll reap the true rewards of learning in all of it's glory.

If you're above the age of five, and don't like learning, you've failed.

I don't mean learning math, science, or history.

Those are what we call an acquired taste.

But I mean learning anything at all.

If you watch your favorite youtubers and don't think, "I want to learn how to make videos."

Or you see someone flip a water bottle perfectly and don't think, "I can learn how to do that too."

Or you walk through a bookstore without getting curious about anything...

You've failed.

Learning is the key to all of our dreams.

Where we are and where we want to be is only separated by what we learn.

Now everyone is spending their time learning new things.

We're watching more YouTube videos, listening to more intriguing podcasts, and reading more...that's it just reading more.

But the truth is, many of us are still exactly where we started or even worse, further away from the dreams and goals we have.

How on Earth could we spend so much time learning new things but never see real progress in our lives?

It's because of one single reason.

There's one reason you'll never see results from what you learn.

And once you learn this reason, you'll reap the true rewards of learning in all of it's glory.

Many people look at learning as something you should just do for the sake of doing it.

They want to soak up as much knowledge and information as possible every day.

I like talking to those people.

They're always full of such interesting ideas and concepts.

If you can't have a good conversation with these types, you may never have a good convo.

But the problem is that all information, and learning isn't made equal.

The reason we struggle with seeing true progress with the things we learn, is that we're simply learning things that don't apply to us.

And worse yet, we're learning about things we don't plan to take action on.

I might spend every weekend learning about how to dress like a playboy but I know good and well I'm in a relationship and spend half my days in an office building.

So why am I learning to dress like someone or something that I'm not?

I understand being curious in new things for the sake of exposure or entertainment.

But learning, and I mean truly learning something new, should be a serious decision.

Time is not infinite for us mortal humans.

We have to make our time count every second of every day.

So when we choose to learn something, we should always ask ourselves whether this thing applies to us.

And even better, do we plan to apply these learnings.

It's a simple a question with a powerful effect.

If I spend hundred of days learning how to sow seeds on a farm or raise chickens in the country but I know I plan to live in the city for the next 10 years, I'm wasting my time.

Learning is a commitment, and we should all treat it as such.

Don't just say I want to learn how to invest.

Because you'll get advice on how to invest $100 million dollars.

Say I want to learn how to invest $1000 in the stock market.

And then go do it.

Because that's what learning is for...


And if we spend all our time learning things we never plan on implementing, there's only one thing we're truly learning...

Our time isn't valuab...

In progress,


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