All Pain Holds Power. Here's How To Unlock It.

Rather than run, hide, and fear the pain…embrace it.

The worst parts of life will almost certainly include pain.

If you get your heart broken by your high school sweetheart, you’re going to feel pain.

If you lose your last $1000 dollars betting on your favorite basketball team to win the championships, you’re going to feel pain.

And if you fall at the park and break your jaw, you’re going to feel a lottttt of pain.

Life is beautiful, there’s no doubting that.

But life is also a very painful experience.

Somewhere along the way, we must learn to accept this.

And rather than run, hide, and fear the pain the future holds…embrace it.

Growing up I’ve experienced an unusually lot amount of pain.

Pain that I don’t think any kid or young child should ever have to experience.

And yet there are millions of kids battling cancer and other destructive diseases as we speak.

From my experience being one of those kids, I had to learn many life lessons at a very young age.

But there few lessons that left a bigger impact than accepting that Pain is power.

My mom would always tell me, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

And years later, those lessons and new perspective have changed me for the better.

So today I’ll share what I learned before the juvenile age of 7…

All pain holds power.

Here’s exactly how you can unlock it.

Anticipate the pain, before you feel it.

The worst pain, is the unexpected pain.

When you’re out having a beautiful walk with your significant other and then you fall over in excruciating back pain.

You feel the shockwaves of pain flying up and down your spine.

And for whatever reason, all you can think about is how inconvenient this is for your partner.

Or how cold and hard the concrete floor is.

And that this would be so much bearable if you were laying in bed with a heat pad nearby.

The inconvenience of pain often is more detrimental than the pain itself.

All pain can’t be predicted, but many times the pain we experience we could of seen coming.

For example, everyone in a relationship right now.

You know your partner is going to cheat, you guys break up, or someone passes.

Those are the only options.

There is pain in your future.

Same goes for loved ones and family.

Mom and dad aren’t immortal, so why do we try to convince ourselves of as much.

Prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for the pain that precedes.

It makes you more resilient and less unstable when that pain does show up.

Pain is a beautiful burden.

Pain sucks.

Let’s make no mistake about that.

But there is also a beauty to it.

You seen pain is only possible because of pleasure.

And pleasure is only possible because of pain.

If we couldn’t feel pain, we’d never cherish pleasure.

They are yin and yangs of the same coin.

And the human experience requires both.

The people who think they can go through life with only pleasure, pleasure, pleasure will lost themselves somewhere along the way.

For everyone else that accepts the balance of life, we must love the pain like we do the pleasure.

Because every pleasurable moment you experience laughing with family, there will be a sad and painful equivalent.

For every moment you spend running around playing basketball in great physical shape, there will be a painful achey equivalent.

Don’t avoid it, embrace it.

That means when you feel pain you should stop and think…

“This hurts, but this feeling is the only reason, I feel so happy in other moments.”

And even better…

“This feeling of pain and hurt just means there is feeling of joy and happiness in my future.”

From rock bottom, you can only go up.

And from terrible pain, you can only move to jubilant joy.

Find the beauty in your pain.

All pain teaches lessons.

That’s a hard pill to swallow.

Some people like to point fingers and blame the world for the pain they experience.

As a child, I would do the same.

But I’ve learned that most of our pain is self-inhibited.

You didn’t listen when mom said don’t stick your finger on that stove…

Now you’re fingers are burning up in pain.

You chose to fall in love with someone before you truly knew them…

Now you’re crying your eyes out because it didn’t work out.

The list goes on.

That pain is a learning experience.

“Where I can I do better?”

That’s the question to ask.

If you’re experiencing heartbreak every summer for 10 years in a row, chances are you aren’t finding the true lesson in that pain.

And you’ll continue to torture yourself, until you look and learn.

But of course not all pain is self inflicted.

Like me, and those kids that were born with terrible health issues on day one.

The lesson there is simple.

Life isn’t fair.

And its up to us to make the most of it.

And if that isn’t the lesson we learn from unfair pain, there is definitely one that we can all stand by…

No matter who you are and how much pain you are battling…

Don’t ever let the pain hold you back.

Not eve…

In progress,


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