7 Reasons You Should Always Keep A $100 Bill On You

A $100 bill in cash is more than your money, it's a tool you can use to level up in life.

The way you use money can singlehandedly decide whether you're rich or poor.

There are many people that make millions in income but live paycheck to paycheck.

And there are many people who make minimum wage, but live like financially savvy millionaires.

The key differences are shared nonstop all over the internet.

Save, invest, live below your means, etc.

All great advice.

But today, I want to share with you something very simple you can do with your money and start seeing improvements in hours.

All you have to do is withdraw a one hundred dollar bill, and keep that cash on you at all times.

And instantly, you'll do better socially, financially, mentally, and more.

Don't believe me? That's okay.

Here's the 7 reasons you should always keep a $100 bill on you.

1. Boost In Perceived Financial Success

When you keep cash on you, the first thing you will notice is that people think you're richer.

And it makes sense when you think about it.

The mind isn't so good at understanding things it can feel, touch, or see.

So no matter how "rich" someone says they are, the world won't respond until they see or experience it for themselves.

This is why drug dealers and rappers alike keep wads of cash on them.

They want to seem more successful than they really are.

For us everyday people, a big wad of twenties wrapped in a rubber band is just plain tacky.

Instead, walking around with a single(or more) hundred dollar bill will create a perception that you are successful and well off.

And every time you open your wallet, you'll gain a little more prestige.

2. Personal Insurance From Crime

One of the scariest feelings in the world is being blindsided by a criminal.

Someone running up to you or knocking on your window and demanding your phone, watch, and more is scary.

But what's even worse is a crazy unhinged criminal pointing a weapon at your head, and you have nothing to give them.

There are many stories of people losing their lives by criminals for thinking they're lying about having no valuables on them.

If you keep a hundred dollar bill on you, you'll always have something to give an angry robber that's trigger happy.

Your life is worth so much more than a few hundred bucks, don't get caught on the wrong side of a weapon with nothing to relinquish.

A hundred dollar bill just may save your life one day.

And no matter how safe your area, you're always one wrong turn away from crime.

3. Fastest Transaction Speed

There are many pros of cash in general, but speed is the most important.

We choose to use major card networks because after a swipe it can take less than a minute to confirm our transactions.

Well you know what's even faster, cash.

Keep a hundred dollar bill on you, and you'll be ready to make quick transactions.

Whether it's hastily booking a taxi, beating out someone on a limited deal, or having the cash ready to buy a ticket before a concert closes their doors...don't underestimate the value of speed transactions in the modern world.

And no one will ever beat the speed of exchanging cash hand to hand.

4. Extra Negotiating Power

One of the biggest secrets in the negotiation world is using cash.

When you really want to entice someone to make a deal, you bring out cash.

And the bigger the bills, the better.

Humans are visual creatures.

Hearing someone is going to "money transfer" me a hundred bucks, is nowhere as satisfying as holding a hundred bucks in my hand right then and there.

If you keep your $100 dollar on you, you'll be better equipped to negotiate and barter at the blink of an eye.

When you account for credit card transaction fees, taxes, and the extra processing time, many people will easily drop 20% off their price just for cash.

It works in souvenir shops, the farmers market, and real estate deals alike.

And if you keep cash on you, it'll work in your every day life.

5. More Persuasion in Social Situations

The most fun part of keeping $100 bill, cash on you is the social benefits.

You can use cash to bend any social situation to your will.

You've seen it in the movies.

You whip out that bill at just the right time and suddenly the honeymoon suite is available, suddenly the DJ is playing your favorite song, suddenly you can skip the line that's wrapped around the block.

Give it a try and watch any social scene become your playground.

Of course, the more it works, the more it's going to cost you.

But I'll tell you what won't work...trying to get the bouncers account and routing number to Zelle him a special gift.

Keep your $100 bill handy, you never know what doors you'll want opened.

6. Better Financial Purchases

The unsexy side of keeping a $100 bill on you is that it will help you make better financial decisions.

When you walk around swiping a card for every purchase you can easily get detached from the money you're spending.

Studies have shown that humans have a much harder time spending cash than using cards.

And the bigger the bill, the more you're likely to never want to break into smaller bills.

So keep a $100 bill on you, and you're more likely to pump the brakes on those frivolous purchases eating away at your bank balance.

7. Instantly Gift Ready

The secret to being a great human being is always being gift ready.

I'll tell you what's not a gift anyone ever wants to receive...

"I'll get you something soon."

"Here's a book I read in school, I thought you'd like."

"I forgot but..."

Pretty much anything that isn't an actual gift being received right there and then.

A handful of twenties and dollar bills...still not a gift.

But a hundred dollar bill and a short personal speech is a gift everyone enjoys.

It feels more "gifty" and if you put a short speech on what you think they'll spend it on, it's just as good as a loaded gift card.

Keep a $100 bill on you and you'll always have a backup gift for any occasion.

There are so many benefits to keeping a $100 bill on you at all times.

If you have the money sitting in an account, go ahead and make the change.

And as more and more people get stuck in their digital apps, you'll just stand out even more.

A $100 bill in cash is more than your money, it's a tool you can use to level up in life.

It's no wonder they say "Cash is Kin...

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