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The Time Value Equation Is The Key To Unlocking Passive Success

Once you start to act on multiple high time value activities, your success will outlast you.

Hey there fellow WIPs!

I hope your week is going great and you’re making progress no matter the size.

I’ve been working out and seeing a little bit of fitness progress, and it excites me.

I think if we stay committed to our progress, we’ll all be massively successful by the end of this year.

Today I’m going to share why we have to be picky on the things we take action on.

Hope it helps you progress farther and faster.


Tim Lightwork

Success is the goal every one is searching for.

We all want to acquire success as soon as possible with what seems to be as little effort as possible.

And we all have different visions of what success looks like.

Success is financial freedom, time, love, and so much more.

The crazy part is that even though success is complex and hard to define, we can all reach success in some way.

But the problem is that many of us are sold a dream of how to achieve success.

We’re taught that success happens over night.

Or that success takes 50 years of clocking in to some worthless job until you get promoted.

Or even worse that success takes nothing but luck and persistence like playing the lotto.

You can definitely win through these different ways, but it’s the worse way to find success.

Those stories of success are teaching us all that we have little to no control over the success we desire in life.

In reality, we do have control.

And we don’t have to break ourselves working like a machine to reach success.

In reality, we can find success virtually passively if we make the right decisions.

Here’s why the time value equation is the key to passive success.

I know this sounds insane and you’re probably asking yourself, “what is passive success?”.

Well let me explain and it will all make sense.

Passive success is any type of success that continues over time, with little to no effort.

The idea is something most people don’t even believe.

Most people think success is only possible when you work hard for it.

But those same people will do anything they can to acquire passive income.

Passive income is something that pays you day in and day out without any effort required.

Well success is exactly the same.

If you make the right decisions and work on the right projects, you can acquire success for the long run.

Not just for today, but for…ever.

The key is the time value equation.

Most people don’t assess the value of their actions.

People look at the results they want as tied to the actions they take.

If I eat a burger, I will be full.

I will watch a Netflix show, I won’t be bored.

That’s not how the world works.

The time value equation says that everything you do has value, and that value lasts for a certain amount of time.

If you find the actions that give you value over the longest time horizon, you will unlock passive success.

But you have to be deliberate about the actions you take, and the things you buy.

So instead of I eat a burger, I’m full, it’s I eat a burger, I’m full for 3 hours.

Instead of I watch a Netflix show, I won’t be bored, it’s I watch a Netflix show, I won’t be bored for 60 minutes.

Those actions will bring you temporary fulfillment, but there are actions that will unlock an infinite time value.

If you learn how to write books, that will add value for an infinite time horizon.

If you buy a house that you will live in forever, the time value is infinite.

If you rent a room in that same home, you’re getting value one month at a time.

So if you want to find true passive success, you have to be deliberate about only investing in the things that have a very high time value.

The most successful people on Earth usually invest in real estate…but why?

Real estate is something that lasts forever.

Land is something the world will always need.

And there will always be people willing to pay for land to mine, build on, or homes to live in.

There’s an infinite time value in all things real estate.

Another example is business owners that build online businesses.

Mark Zuckerberg could stop working today and his business Facebook will forever add value to his life.

Financially, there will always be people connecting on the social network.

Also his personal brand will always be great because he’s built something substantial that changed humanity.

He took actions on high-leverage activities that add value much longer than his lifespan.

So take the time and assess your decisions, your purchases, your investments.

Ask yourself, in ten years will I still be getting value from this car, from this degree, from this new iPhone.

Once you start to act on multiple high time value activities, your success will outlast you.

That is how you unlock passive success.

Do more things that add long value, not short term value.

That means no more quick highs, one time vacations, one night stands, silly impulsive purchases, and more.

Life is a long game, it’s time to start playing it that way…

In progress,


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