What You'll Never Regret Splurging On

Only 42% of people think they can afford to splurge on joy.

Everyone is splurging, but no one knows what’s actually worth splurging on.

👊 The Punch List:

  • Splurges are purchases that provide an escape or simple luxuries.

  • Only 42% of people think they can afford to splurge on joy.

  • We’re more likely to splurge on practical, long-lasting things.

  • Splurging on the wrong things can negatively affect finances and mental health.

3 Things Always Worth Splurging On

Passion Projects

This simply means anything that you have a strong intrinsic desire towards. When you have that feeling in your gut like the sea calling out to Moana, then you’ve found your passion. Any purchase that brings you closer to your passion is always worth paying handsomely for.

This is priceless because passion is much more uncommon than we know. Most people get up day in and out to work on things because they “have” to. Working on your passions is a priceless luxury that is worth all the joy, happiness, and purpose it creates.

I’ve splurged on passion projects like making videos with expensive film equipment and spending hundreds to learn secrets to new magic tricks.

Life Experiences

This simply means an experience that will be a memorable moment in the story of your life. Not all experiences are notable life experiences. But things like a surprise proposal, graduating from high school, or having a child are all experiences that will only get more valuable with time.

This is priceless because things in the physical world will deteriorate much faster than your mind does. That means these special life defining moments will last as memories that you can always go back to and relive. And often these big life experiences are what will give your life meaning and purpose. That’s invaluable.

I’ve splurged on life experiences like throwing an all expenses paid family and friends mansion retreat with games, events, and fun surprises.

Legacy Building Activities

This simply means any activity that will add to your legacy as a person. Most people don’t realize that the things they do today will ripple throughout the world and have an impact on the future. Knowing this, activities like donating to charity, mentoring others, and sharing your knowledge are infinitely powerful.

This is priceless because once you’re gone, your legacy will live on forever without you. The only other product that’ll add value to your life past your lifespan, is a coffin. And even those deteriorate. An investment into your legacy will always be an infinitely positive return.

I’ve splurged on legacy building activities like donating guidance and money in a city-wide shark-tank-style event for high school entrepreneurs.

All in all, if you want to become rich you’ll have to learn the value of a dollar. And that means being frugal with your money. But at the same time, the most successful aren’t afraid to splurge on things that are worth it. Even if it’s your last dime, you’ll never regret splurging on passion projects, life experiences, and legacy building activities.

As WIPs, the progress we make in our projects comes down to how we spend our time. And in the same way, the progress we make in life can come down to how we spend our money. So learn to balance not just saving but also splurging.

Because being frugal can certainly make you rich in cash, but splurging on the right things will make you rich in life…

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