Why It Pays To Be An Asshole (Sometimes)

We’ve heard stories of the rich and famous becoming assholes since the beginning of time. Here's why...

Have you noticed the weird phenomenon happening with rich and successful people lately?

Each day more and more successful people are becoming extremely rude.

Every day a new celebrity is getting cancelled for something rude, mean, or crazy they’ve done.

It’s almost like they’ve lost their minds or something.

Some people would even venture to say they’re being assholes.

This strange new phenomenon is taking the world by storm because…

It’s not a strange new phenomenon.

We’ve heard stories of the rich and famous becoming assholes since the beginning of time.

But what if I told you that A-list celebrities, billionaires, and your favorite influencers aren’t slowly becoming assholes?

What if I told you them being an asshole is what catapulted them to riches and fame in the first place?

Well that’s exactly what’s happening.

It pays to be an asshole (sometimes) and the more you embrace this, the more success you’ll find.

Here’s why…

Assholes are memorable.

When we were young in school, there were two kids that we always looked forward to seeing.

Our secret crush.

And the class trouble maker.

We knew whenever the troublemaker was in class, something interesting was going to happen.

And after they talked back to the teacher, stole someone’s homework, or said a bad word, we would talk about them for the rest of the week.

Never aim to make a bad reputation for yourself, but always choose to be memorable.

Something as simple as standing up to your boss can keep your name in the conversation when it’s time for a promotion.

In a world where everyone is overly nice and agreeable, pushing back with a touch of “assholeness” is sure to stand out.

Assholes are confident.

The toughest part of being an asshole, is being an asshole alone.

In the movies, like “Mean Girls”, the assholes have a whole clique they can rely on to have their back.

But in the real world, nobody’s going to sacrifice their own peace and happiness to start a silly “mean girls” movement with you.

So you’ll have to do it alone.

And doing things alone, leads to doing things with confidence.

And that’s why all the assholes you know, seem very confident and sure of themselves.

Even though they’re probably crying themselves to sleep every night.

If you embrace your inner asshole by dumping your boyfriend the honest way instead of sugar coating his feelings…

You’ll be more confident when having other tough face to face conversations.

Assholes don’t have a support system, they have a confidence system.

And if you can be confident doing the wrong thing, you’ll be rock solid doing the right thing.

Assholes break boundaries.

The number one reason assholes rise to new levels of success is because they don’t respect the boundaries you put on them.

Rules, boundaries, and limits are useful tools for a healthy functioning society.

But rules, boundaries, and limits are restrictive mental chains for a healthy ambitious individual.

And it pays to know the difference.

Assholes will simply reach greater heights (and sometimes greater lows) than the average person scared to break limits.

Complaining to your waiter for not providing free dessert or a better seating arrangement is an asshole move.

But it may give way to new experiences or rewards for breaking out the box others accept.

Don’t be afraid to ruffle feathers, because you just might find golden eggs when you ruffle the right ones.

See what happens if you demand a promotion.

See what happens if you threaten your internet company with cancelling.

See what happens when you negotiate with an attitude to that car salesman.

It may lead to bad results, but it also may lead to good ones.

It pays to test limits, and assholes are professional limit testers.

The goal here isn’t to put negative energy out into the world.

We all could use a break from the negative, energy vampires in our lives.

But rather, the goal is to see that the people who take big risks, often get big rewards.

Being an asshole isn’t the best for creating peace and happiness in our lives.

But there’s a lot of value in going against the grain, being less predictable, and testing out things we would “never” do.

Assholes are winning because they are naturally confident, leave memorable impacts, and aren’t afraid to break the rules.

In what ways can you embrace the spirit of assholes to unlock new levels of success?

Thanks for reading loserrrr…

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Tim Lightwork

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