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How The Zero Objective Movement is Unlocking New Levels of Productivity

At the extreme end of this movement, you can unlock a whole new level of human performance.

Hey there buddy.

I hope you're having a great day.

My day has been pretty slow.

I set out to accomplish a few simple tasks like editing my next YouTube video.

And for whatever reason, I just kept procrastinating on it all day.

No matter how close I got to starting(and believe me I got close), I just didn't take the leap into editing.

That makes me really sad.

I thrive off of productivity and progress.

But I know we're all just a work in progress, so there will be slow days.

I guess for today my video will have to be a WIP as well.

But instead of making this one slow day ruin all my momentum, I decided to focus on something else entirely...

Why did I have a such an unproductive day?

I woke up and knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I've done it a thousand times before. (literally. I've edited thousands of videos.)

And I kept opening my laptop and doing every task except just starting.

There must be more to this phenomenon.

After a few hours of deep thought and breaking down my mindset throughout the day, one thing became clear...

The more we pursue being good, the less we deliver consistency.

That is the entire synopsis of why I didn't take action on the thing I wanted to today.

And that's probably why you haven't been getting anything done as well.(Or at least I hope that's why.)

What I realized is simple...

We as humans have an innate desire to be good. We want everything we make or do to be of quality.

And that's a super admirable trait.

But that trait is also a key hurdle that holds us back from accomplishing more.

The more energy we put into "perfecting" something, the less likely we are to do that thing often and consistently.

It sounds backwards because the more we do something, the better we get at it.(and the more likely we are to perfect it.)

But nope. Our human brains think to do it perfect we must do it once and very, very slowly.

Today I realized that if we go to the extreme opposite of this mindset, we can unlock a whole new level of human performance.

We can do so many more things, with so much more consistency.

We all just need to learn to do things with no objective.

This is the Zero Objective movement.

The idea is that we can free our minds and bodies to do more when we release ourselves from any and all objectives.

So when I want to write every day, the goal is to write...and that's it.

There's no writing about personal development or becoming famous on Medium.

Just write.

And let the writing be the goal.

And move on.

How many more things would you do if you were able to let go of the objectives associated with them?

Go out and party.

You don't have to be cool or get someone to dance with you.

Just party.

Go to the gym and work out.

But you're not staring in the mirror every two seconds hoping a six pack appears.

You're just trying to be active.

And you go home happy you broke a sweat.

Zero Objectives.

That's the key to showing up more often and being more present.

This post has a purpose and my objective is to add a little value to your life.

But it was a thousand times easier to do because I started by just writing, with no objective or expectation.(Go reread the intro, you'll see.)

The point I want you to learn is simple.

As humans we are hardwired for progress and perfection.

But when you let go of objectives, the consistency you unlock is all the progress you nee...

In progress,


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