How To Actually Seduce People

Basic seduction skills will put you above 80% of your competition.

Learning 3 basic tactics is enough to seduce 80% of people.


👊 The Punch List:

  • 99% of people believe seduction happens to them, not from them.

  • Knowing how to seduce gives you control over your desires.

  • Majority of seduction is a handful of basic skills and tactics

  • Basic seduction skills will put you above 80% of your competition

3 Basic Tactics for Seduction

Indicators of Interest

This simply means any action someone does that insinuates they are attracted to you. When someone shows an indicator of interest, it’s a subconscious message that they like you in some way. Some indicators are obvious while others are extremely subtle.

In the real world you should keep an eye out for IOI’s when interacting with others. The rule of thumb is 3 IOI’s to confidently know someone’s into you. The key to effective seduction is choosing people that are actually into to you.

Examples of Indicators of Interest is if someone plays with their hair, licks their lips, compliments you, or even being overly touchy feely.

Triangle Gazing

This simply means moving your eyes in a triangle to non-verbally initiate a kiss with someone. The eyes are window to the soul and the foundation of all real seduction. If you slowly gaze from someone’s left eye, to right eye, to mouth, and back it will non-verbally arouse a kiss.

In the real world you should build rapport and comfort with someone before using triangle gazing. You need to be in a close, relatively private area where the other person feels comfortable kissing. And strong, positive eye contact in return assures the feeling is mutual.

Examples of when to triangle gaze is at the end of a date, at the bar with someone dancing on you all night, or even to tease a love interest before the first kiss.


This simply means slowly breaking the touch barrier in increasingly bold ways. Kino- stands for physical and escalation- stands for growing intensity. So kino-escalation means touching a partner in increasingly intense ways. The slower the escalation the better.

In the real world you should always make sure you have consent from the person you are touching. But even with consent, start small like a fist bump, and escalate to hugs, holding hands, dancing on each other, and then maybe an arm around the waist. The more drawn out and less “focus” on the physicality the better.

Examples of kino-escalation is going on a first date, opening with a fist bump, later adding a high five, and by the end holding hands.

Overall seducing people is an art that takes lots of practice. But the better you get at seduction, the more control you’ll have over your desires.

As WIPs, we have to learn how to progress in every area of life. So that means no more being bystanders that just let life happen to us. With these powerful seduction tactics, we can progress in our love lives just as much as we do in our work lives.

Even with a satisfied love life, there’s something weirdly satisfying of knowing how to turn people on and off at will.

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