3 Subtle Signs That People Actually Like You

The best part is these signs apply to any and all people.


There’s few skills harder than reading people’s minds.

It’s like trying to get access to pandora’s box, with nothing but your words and body language.

Not to mention, everyone’s pandora box requires a different set of keys.

Some people are open books that share their thoughts in real time.

While other people are complex labyrinths that only allow passage to a few chosen ones.

And the worst part about trying to be in tune with another humans thoughts and emotions, is that you’ll never really know if you’re getting something genuine.

So then why do so many people spend their whole lives trying to study and map how the human psyche works?

Why are their psychologists and therapists that go to work every day trying to slowly and carefully pick the lock of the human mind?

The reason we spend so much time, effort, and money on trying to understand other humans internal dialogue is because if we succeed, we unlock a world of unlimited potential.

Psychologists, politicians, and lonely high-school boys around the world, all have a vested interest in figuring out the human mind.

And if you’re dedicated to growth and success, you should too.

And while I don’t have the human brain mapped out down to each neuron (if I did, I’d be a billionaire already.), I did spend many years studying books on body language, social dynamics, picking up girls, networking, and more.

The single common denominator between them all was doing everything possible to get people to like you.

If you can get someone to go from stranger to genuinely liking you as a person, there’s hundreds of directions you can take that relationship.

That’s why today, I’m going to share 3 subtle signs that people actually like you.

Sign 1: Pointed feet.

The body language experts say 80% of communication is non-verbal.

That’s insane to think about.

That means that 80% of the message someone is communicating can be deduced simply by just watching their body and other cues.

How many of us actually do this though?

When you meet a new person, where are you actually looking?

In their eyes, at their forehead, or hopefully not at the floor.

If you want to quickly gauge whether someone likes you, you should be looking at their feet.

We are rarely ever conscious of our feet but they seem to hold so much relation to how we’re feeling.

When you feel comfortable, you’re sitting with your legs wide open.

When you feel powerful, you’re probably sitting with leg crossed, ankle on your knee.

And when you like someone, your feet are going to subtly be pointing towards the person of interest.

This is less valuable when talking one on one.

Because most people will face who they’re speaking too.

But in a group, be sure to glance down and take note at where the feet are pointing.

It will show you where all the real interest lies.

Sign 2: Mimicry / Following.

The second subtle sign that someone actually likes you is when you are being mimicked.

Some people may hate being copied, but mimicry is really a subtle sign of comfortability and enjoying someone’s company.

It’s one thing to just blatantly copy every thing I say and do down to the seconds.

But when someone likes you and is mimicking you, most times you won’t even notice.

An example of this is when someone’s body language starts to reflect your body language.

A great way to test this is by taking note of the other persons posture/stance and then changing your body language to folded arms or something else.

If in a few minutes you see they have a near identical body language, then not only do they like you but they probably trust you a lot as well.

When someone starts following your lead and doing what you say without putting up too much resistance it’s because they trust you.

They are letting their guard down, and aren’t scared to go to the bar down the street with you or stop at a random park for a quick walk.

It’s easy to notice this sign when you’re mentally aware of it.

And all you have to do is test the waters by making suggestions and ideas of things to do.

When you see someone following your lead, either obviously or subtly, you can rest assured that person has an affinity for you.

Sign 3: Grooming

Grooming is a subtle act we do when we want to impress someone or are feeling conscious about how we’re being perceived.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Grooming? Who on earth just starts shaving in the middle of a conversation?!”

You’re right.

That would be creepy.

But it’s that on a much more subtle level.

An example of girl grooming might be playing with or straightening her hair.

A guy on the other hand may try to wipe his eyebrows, or straighten his wrinkled dress shirt.

These sound like obvious signals anyone would pick up on but in reality it often happens so quickly that most people miss it.

You have to watch the behaviors of the other person closely.

If they start putting on lip gloss, fixing their clothes, adjusting their hair or more, chances are they like you or someone very close in the vicinity.

Don’t miss this easy but sly sign that you have an admirer.

All in all, it’s a very powerful skill to know when you’ve won someone over.

It can help you know who’s on your side and who needs a little more attention.

And the best part is these signs apply to any and all people.

It can be a love interest, a friend, a business contact, or family member.

Like means like.

So use these signs to gauge the level of interest you’ve built with the people around you.

Because people that like are 100x more valuable than people who don’t…

In progress,


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