3 Vital Lessons To Learn From Being Sick

Take these lessons into account and you'll be much better off the next time you get sick.

Nobody wants to be sick and unhealthy.

But for some reason, it seems we’re all destined to get there.

If not because of random happenstance eating some spoiled food, then definitely when we reach the later years of life.

Being sick sucks in so many ways.

And there’s pretty much no upsides from getting sick.

But while I can’t convince you that you’re blessed because you’re feeling like a bag of potatoes, I do think there are powerful lessons in getting sick.

So today I’m going to share with you 3 vital lessons to learn from being sick.

Lesson 1: You need people.

When you’re sick, there’s one thing that happens to pretty much everyone.

You keel over in fetal position, and wish you had your mom or dad to take care of you.

That’s no coincidence.

I think subconsciously our bodies know that when we’re down and out, there’s one resource that is more valuable than anything else…


And that’s why you should always make an effort to do good by others when they’re down.

Because one day, the roles may switch.

If you think you can do it all alone, that’s fine.

But nobody said you have to prove it.

We humans know the pain of being sick, but we could never fathom the pain of being sick and alone.

Nobody deserves that.

Not even criminals or serial killers.

Humans need humans when we’re on our last leg.

So do your best to keep other humans on your side.

Lesson 2: There will be rainy days.

The second lesson from being sick is one of the most obvious.

Being sick is inevitable.

It’s funny to say out loud but you’d really be surprised how many people walk around thinking they’re some kind of immortal being.

They don’t go to the doctor, they eat like pigs, they don’t maintain their health, and they say screw health insurance.

But when they become sick, their whole attitude changes and they act surprised.

Being sick is a part of life.

You should expect it and prepare for it.

That’s why every building has a first aid kit and fire extinguishers laying around.

No matter how unlikely you think it is, the worst feeling is being down AND unprepared for the inevitable.

You can only flip heads so many times in a row before you land on a tails.

Be prepared for your down days.

Lesson 3: Nothing is more important than your health.

The third lesson is one that most people say but don’t really follow through with.

Our health is really very very important.

Without health there is so many things that aren’t possible in our lives.

And at some point without health, life itself isn’t possible.

Our health is so important and precious and we have to take the time to treat it as such.

When you’re sick, do you notice what happens next?

You start to cancel every plan and every commitment.

You’re not going to work, you’re not going to the children’s recital, and you’re probably not even going to go take a shower.

Everything else becomes irrelevant when we’re sick.

And that’s just every day sick, don’t let me mention when you’re hospitalized sick.

The point being, when we’re sick we realize how important our health is.

We can’t function at 100 and everything besides health gets put on the backburner.

That’s the wrong time to put in the work.

Work towards your health and wellbeing every day not just on the down days.

Being sick is simply just your reminder to treat your body with care and grace.

Those are the 3 vital lessons to learn from being sick.

If you take these lessons into account, you will be much better off the next time you get sick.

You will be able to understand what your body is telling you from this wave of sickness.

And even better, with these lessons, maybe you can avoid being sick as often in the future.

In progress,


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