What Type Of People You Need In Your Network

Most people approach networking with quantity, rather than quality.

Your network becomes exponentially more valuable when you connect with key people.

👊 The Punch List:

  • A well established network is the key to successful professional careers

  • 70% of people got their current job through networking

  • Most people approach networking with quantity, rather than quality.

  • Adding one super connection to your network is more valuable than 100 normal contacts

3 Types Of People You Need To Know

The Superconnector

This person is a natural social butterfly that enjoys connecting people. A superconnector spends extra effort to connect people that add value and fit together like puzzle pieces. They will be actively engaged at all the important industry events, and always know the right people.

In the real world superconnectors are very selfless and only look for a simple thank you note to recognize their efforts. However, they are usually swamped with requests from people trying to tap into their powerful network. You should always be specific about how you need help, and what value you add when meeting a superconnector.

Examples of superconnectors are Ellen DeGeneres and Kris Jenner.

The Brand Ambassador

This person is the real life hype man for any thing or person they truly believe in. They will go above and beyond to be there to support you and tell the world just how great you are. They don’t take breaks and they’re always a call away.

In the real world brand ambassadors are hard to come by. Everyone is so focused on themselves and their desires. But if you have a friend or family member that has stuck with you since day one, they are your ambassador. Anyone that always knows what you’re doing and is first to like and reshare every post.

Examples of brand ambassadors are Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds.

The Mentor

This person is someone that you look up to but they are eager to give back to the next generation. They have reached the highest levels of success but they are humble enough to mentor the newcomers with all their knowledge and experience. The mentor doesn’t do it for the money but rather because someone did the same for them along the way.

In the real world the mentor is a hot commodity and it’s hard to get their attention. The best way to land of the radar of the mentor is to work really hard and never give up. The mentor won’t have lots of time to give, but the little they do, you should cherish fondly.

Examples of mentors are Daniel Lubetzky and J. Cole.

Overall your network is something we can all agree will forever be a work in progress. But while other’s networks are dying or getting bloated with spam accounts, yours should be flourishing. If you look at your network as a community, not a race to “500+”, you will get so much more value.

When you add the superconnector, the brand ambassador, and the mentor, you will unlock a super network. A network that grows and gives more than just to you, but to everyone lucky enough to be in it.

Find these people, build strong connections with them, and grow a super network others can only dream of…

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