Where To Meet High Value People

It’s not who you want to meet, it’s where you need to meet them.

You will meet high value people in high value places like Barnes and Nobles.

The Punch List:

  • Your network is your net worth.

  • The quality of your network is a result of where you meet people.

  • Most people waste time and energy networking in the wrong places.

  • When you frequent high value places, you meet more high value people.

3 Places To Meet High Value People

Meet People at Meetups

This works because there’s so many different types of meetup events. No matter what niche you’re into, there’s a meetup of other like minded people. This is great for attracting high value people in a very specific interest. The wide variety of topics is what makes meetup a go to place for geeks and thought leaders alike.

In the real world you can search meetup.com for an event that is specific to the area you want to be connected in. Once you show up to a few meetup events in your area, you will meet the high value people in that niche. And the events are so intimate that it builds strong connections. That’s one of many lessons I learned throwing my own meetup event.

Meet People at School

This works because school is where you’ll find the future leaders in an area. If someone is spending time learning about a subject, they are dedicated to that subject for many years to come. Schools bring together people that are curious and engaged with a certain topic. Those people are valuable because they are in the trenches and putting effort towards learning about a certain subject.

In the real world you can volunteer at a school for the type of people you want to meet. If I wanted to meet other founders maybe I’d enroll in startup leadership classes. And the high value people you meet in schools are only going to get better with time.

Meet People at Barnes and Nobles

This works because Barnes and Nobles attracts inquisitive people that are dedicated to certain subjects. If you’re spending your afternoon in Barnes and Nobles, chances are you’re smart, deeply interested in a subject, and dedicating energy to learn more about it. And you can easily decipher what someone’s into by the genre of books they browse.

In the real world you can spend a few hours in Barnes and Nobles working and networking at the same time. I made a pact to network with anyone I see browsing the business section in Barnes and Nobles. It has led to many high level connections, including a self proclaimed “billionaire”.

Overall there are many places to meet people, but the more selective you are the higher value the people. Us WIPs love to work on things alone but it’s important to network with people that can elevate us and our pursuits. If we spend more time in classes, meetups, and Barnes and Nobles, we’ll be able to grow a strong and powerful network quickly.

It’s not who you want to meet, it’s where you need to meet them.

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