How To Expand Your Will Power Using Daily Challenges

The thing with will power is, the less you practice, the harder it becomes.

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Today we’re talking about expanding will power through daily challenges.

I truly believe in this and personally know how it can change lives for the better.


Tim Lightwork

Will power is the golden key to all locked treasures.

Almost every problem you can imagine, could be partially solved with just pure will power.

If I had the will power to workout and sweat every day, I would absolutely be fit.

If I had the will power to save 50% of all the income I make ever, I will certainly become rich and financial stable.

If I had the will power to study for an hour every day, I could ace any exam with a flawless score.

Will power unlocks all the levels of this game we call life.

But many of us struggle with our will power because we don’t know how to improve it.

Or even worse yet, many of us think will power is a fixed attribute like our height or hair color.

It’s not.

Will power is a skill.

And the top one percent of performers in life, have mastered this skill.

The best UFC fighters in the world, will drop bad eating habits and workout daily at the blink of an eye.

The same goes for Olympic athletes, the best day traders, best selling authors, and more.

The backbone of all great success will always be will power.

So here’s how to expand your will power using daily challenges.

The problem many of us have when it comes to our will power, is the reliability.

We can be very focused and motivated when our test is a week away.

But the months before, we can’t be disciplined enough to study on a regular schedule.

Or maybe we’re super good at losing ten pounds right before summer, but the rest of the year, we eat like total slobs.

I don’t blame you.

Will power is hard.

And the number one way to dial in consistent, reliable, discipline is to simply practice it often.

And by often I mean daily.

Daily is the pinnacle of time frames for true discipline to flourish.

Anything done daily for a month will slowly start to become engrained in you.

It would be even more effective if we practiced every few hours, but we still have lives to live.

Daily is the frequency that everyone is afraid to commit to.

People think daily is impossible but don’t realize how achievable it really is.

We sleep daily.

We eat daily.

We shower daily.

We brush our teeth daily.

We breathe daily.

And so much more.

Daily is possible.

And daily is true dedication.

Now you know that being disciplined daily, will grow your will power, but the question is…

What exactly should you do daily to practice being disciplined?

A challenge.

Challenges are exactly what they sound like.

Challenges are taking what seems like the limit, and seeing if we can push past.

Even if it’s just a little.

If we find some kind of discipline related challenge, we will grow from it.

It could be as simple as flossing every day or as tedious as running 3 miles a day.

These things will surely help with our oral hygiene and fitness, but the most value will be in the growth of will power.

The thing with will power is, the less you practice, the harder it becomes.

And sometimes it doesn’t really matter what you way practice, but rather that you do it all.

So find a challenge that gets your mind a little worked up.

Some daily challenges that have exploded my will power are…

  • writing every day

  • drinking a gallon bottle of water daily

  • going to the gym for 30 minutes each day

  • not watching social media until 8pm

  • doing a Spanish lesson every day

  • and even pooping every day

The challenge is not the goal.

The challenge, done daily, to force your mind to practice discipline regularly, is the goal.

I’ve been doing this for years now and it’s unlocked a hidden lever in my brain.

There is no such thing as can’t.

Once your will power expands to elite levels, there is nothing you can’t do.

Life becomes a game of will I or won’t I, not can I or can’t I.

That’s how you can expand your will power with nothing but a daily challenge…

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